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 The rules of AH

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PostSubject: The rules of AH   Fri May 08, 2009 2:13 pm

(Yes yes, almost every forum has rules. So does this forum Wink)


- No images and videos that are for the 18 plus group, or contain (extreme) violence.
There are members on the site, which are around the 10 years. Even if there aren't those members, this is forbidden, and you'll see 10% at your warn meter.

- No bullying, discrimination, flaming, trolling and/or racism.
Would you like it if someone would bully you or someone else? I wouldn't. So, if I'll see someone who is discriminating, or bullying, that person will get 20%.

- No Spam.
Spam is really annoying. They are useless, and are one of the problems of almost every forum. Spamming contains:
- Bumping, (Necroposting)
- BrEEzAh language,
- Posts with one word, one smilie or a message with A LOT OF smilies,
- Double-posting,
- Creating a topic about a subject that already has an active topic elsewhere on the forum.

An spammer will be punished with 10%.

- No minimodding.
Is someone spamming? Don't react to the post, use the report button, or say it to a moderator/administrator. If you do react, you'll be punished with 10%.

- Plagiarism and advertising.
Plagiarism is posting something like pictures and videos, that are not yours, and you say it does. It's forbidden, and not only on this site. So, you'll get 50% if you are doing something with plagiarism.
Advertising is allowed. But only if you are making links like this:
Adoptables home
or this:
or this:

Any other ways of advertising sites (Like a huge text) are not allowed, and will be punished with 20%

- Multiple accounts.
You can only make one account. If someone will make multiple accounts, the person will be banned permanently. Also, there will be a IP-block. But if you have sisters/brothers, or any other family members that want to join the site too, please tell it in the topic: Family members?, at discussions.

The rules can be changed, so look at this topic more than one time Smile
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The rules of AH
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